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Lose weight healthy by Banana and Oatmeal

Only eat bananas can not only help you lose weight but gain weight. In fact, the banana diet is very simple, just eat 1 to 2 bananas for breakfast and served with a glass of water , lunch and dinner can be normal , it’s that simple .But some medical experts are very challenged , they think only eat banana for breakfast can not help people lose weight, on the contrary, it may gain fat !

Medical experts said that , compared with rice, flour and other staples, banana contain half calories less, but bananas in the fruit is not low in calories ,Per 100 grams it is about nearly 90 calories , calories citrus higher .More importantly, bananas are ” high glycemic index ” fruit,The so-called high glycemic index , meaning that after eating, Blood sugar will rise rapidly , and later decreased rapidly and will soon be hungry again .Therefore, if a banana for breakfast , probably not soon hungry can not stand ,Because lunch is hungry tears , especially good appetite and will eat more , so easy to get fat .If you take some lida diet pills to curb the appetite, then that would be better.

Because of this concern, the Japanese banana diet advocated by expert advice to eat ” green bananas .” Medical experts say that green bananas belong to the glycemic index ,Although the rise in blood sugar after eating high glycemic index of speed is not ripe bananas is higher ,And green bananas are rich in soluble fiber , but pure fruit -eating diet ,Also cause elevated blood sugar .

In addition, lower banana vitamin C , vitamin B complex is not high. Therefore , in addition to bananas , but also with the usual recommended supplement other types of fruit, To cover a variety of vitamins nutrition.

With cereal, healthy weight loss, Experts say that any single food diet are at risk ,And it will not be effective long-term , or even cause malnutrition .For example advocate of Japanese experts said the banana diet , bananas can help lose weight ingredient is ” serum hormone “In fact, the well-known ” tryptophan ” tryptophan may help emotional stability, But he believes may be of ” tense want to eat ,” people have to suppress appetite . Take some lida daidaihua strong version from www.original-daidaihua.com would be your best choice.

Experts advise that any fruit diet, have adverse effects on blood sugar ,Not only the risk of diabetes in patients who also have an adverse impact on the general display bananas breakfast alone without diet, weight loss is also not as magical.

Experts recommend eating bananas make breakfast more healthy and effective weight loss , Might at the same time with breakfast cereal or cereal with banana slices , let ‘s slow down the digestion and absorption ,Longer satiety, blood sugar will not rise rapidly ,Just another night with no late night , the other two meals of fruits diverse intake, Complement other nutrients , it may be thin more healthy and lasting effect.

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Eat whole wheat bread and milk before going to bed can help sleep and weight loss

Sleep and “eat” actually has a close relationship. If you eat a hearty dinner, eat greasy or too late,
Prolong stomach emptying time, Stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and other organs of intense work in the postprandial will send information to the brain, Cause brain active and spread to other parts of the cerebral cortex, Resulting in unable to sleep at night. But as long as choose decent food, eat timely and appropriately, it can not only result in a good night’s sleep, and can also achieve weight loss effects like the effects of zi xiu tang bee pollen diet pills(www.zixiutangbeepollendietstore.com), result in more pretty.

Whole wheat bread
Efficacy: whole wheat flour contains a wealth of vitamins B, It has to maintain a healthy nervous system, eliminate irritability, and promote sleep, It is suitable for people who have hours of sleep disorders. Compared with refined white bread, whole wheat bread contains more fiber, vitamin E and zinc, potassium and other minerals, there is also a cosmetic effect. Whole-wheat bread is rich in fiber, eat it is easy to feel full, reducing caloric intake indirectly.
Eating method: If you feel hungry before bedtime, eat one piece or two, not more, and do not wipe butter.

Efficacy: milk is highly respected sleep food. Its effectiveness comes from its two hypnotic substances: Tryptophan, which can promote brain cells secrete neurotransmitters Drowsy; Natural morphine-like substances like opium can be combined with the nervous system, analgesia, make the body feel comfortable, help relieve fatigue, then promote sleep. Milk contains many vitamins, which can moisturize the skin and prevent skin aging and promote skin metabolism. Milk can also help lose weight, the high content calcium can help the body burn fat.
Eating method: drink a glass of warm milk before bedtime, if add honey, drink it 1 hour before bedtime, the effect is more pronounced.

Eat these 2 kind food before bedtime can result in a slimming effects just like zi xiu tang bee pollen(www.zixiutangbeepollendietstore.com) does. Also, if you want a better slimming result, you can order zi xiu tang at www.zixiutangbeepollendietstore.com

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Customize Diet Recipes with Low Fat Foods

If you know what low-fat foods are and know how to mix them, you are able to match diet recipes completely by yourself. It’s actually as simple, convenient and healthy as taking diet pills like fruta planta. And you can constantly changing the diet as well.

What are low-fat foods?
Eggs, egg yolks…everything related to egg is not a bad thing for your heart and it can help you slim down as fruta planta pills do. Research reported that the weight lost by the woman who eat fried eggs and toast as breakfast is two times of that who takes bread with the same amount of calories. Just like the function of fruta planta diet pills, the protein in eggs makes a sense of satiety that will make you eat less and feel less hungry. Thus, scrambled eggs and omelets are the best choice. If you don’t have time to do it before going to work, you can roast some omelet cakes with vegetables and meat on Sunday. Then slice and chill them so that you can eat next week.

Yogurt makes you feel less hungry, as it contains milk sugar, proteins and fats that can stabilize blood sugar levels. Studies have shown that people on low-calorie diets lose 61% more body fat and 81% more tummy fat if their recipes contain yogurt. Therefore, just replace the chicken and salad with low-fat yogurt and some fruta planta reduce weight if you want keep slim and healthy.

Studies show that an apple a day can inhibit weight gain. If you eat an apple before dinner, you will take in fewer calories than people who eat snacks. Apple contains high fiber content that make you feel satiety, about 4g to 5g in each one. In addition, apple contains antioxidants that help prevent metabolic syndrome. Apple is the perfect low-calorie snacks. If you want to make the pie, chop a medium apple, and then sprinkle half spoon sweet pepper and half spoon cinnamon on it. You can enjoy it after 1.5 minutes microwave heating.

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Would Rope Skipping Make Calves Thicker?

Many people lose weight by taking risk-free supplement like lida daidaihua, while some sports enthusiast may choose exercises, rope skipping for example, as their way to prevent obesity. Though rope skipping has many benefits, some people still worry that it would make calves thicker. However, the reality is that the calves of most people didn’t get thicker after rope skipping, it’s just a minority phenomenon. Why? Because it’s the genes that determine whether you can build muscles! Some can’t no matter what kind of exercises or how many exercises they do, while some can only with a little bit exercise. Therefore, you need to choose appropriate exercises or diet pills such as daidaihua according to your situation if you want to lose weight. Generally speaking, long-term exercise won’t make calves thicker, instead, it will help reduce the fat, tighten the muscle and make them curvy look.

Stretching Prevents Calves from Getting Thicker
Do stretching after rope skipping is very important, especially for young women who often taking pills like lida diet pills while always doubt that rope skipping would make calves thicker. In fact, doing some stretching after rope skipping can not only keep muscles even but also help prevent thunder thighs.

How to Stretch Your Calves?
Put your arms up against the wall.
Bring one leg in towards it while keeping your other leg straight.
Repeat with other leg.

How to Stretch Your Legs Fully?
Lay flat on your back and extend your leg out.
Grab the back of your thigh.
Pull your leg towards your face.
Don’t jerk your leg, it may cause an injury.

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Delicious Weight-Loss Snacks in Office

For most nine-to-five OL, it’s easy to get fat as they often unconsciously eat a lot of snacks when work becomes dreary. They may turn to diet pills like lida diet pills, but they seldom know that some snacks can not only satisfy greediness, but also help keep slim and replenish energy. What are they? Take a look now!

1. Nori
Nori (seaweed) contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, among which selenium and iodine are particularly rich, that help maintain the body’s acid-base balance. Eating Nori often can prevent ashy skin, dry hair and slow growth caused by lack of iodine, can reduce the fat accumulation in the body, and can prevent symptoms of high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

2. Soda Cracker
Soda cracker contains sodium bicarbonate that can balance the body’s PH. It is a kind of biscuit that contains the lowest calorie.

3. Red Dates
Iron and blood supplement are basic lessons for all women who want health and beauty. Red Date is a natural source of iron. A popular saying from Traditional Chinese medicine said that “Five Dates every day, Youth never goes away”. Therefore, hard-working OL can nourish themselves everyday either by eating dates or taking famous diet pills such as lida daidaihua. Red dates can be used as a continuous supply of nutrients in our office.

4. Honey
Honey can bring nutrients to all parts of the body. Nutrition experts say that honey is a natural food that collects all the nutrition. It is rich in active substances and water needed for life activities. Just like  daidaihua, eating honey can not only perfect our skin, but also nurture our viscera, which has the same

5. Dark Plum
Plum is an alkaline food that can be regarded as snacks to satisfy people’s taste. It can also help the blood acid-base balance in the body, calm down the liver, boost digestion and nourish the liver. Moreover, plum has the function of anti-aging, stimulating saliva and neutralization of acidic metabolites. If you often stay up late, just DIY a cup of cranberry juice and enjoy!

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Weight Loss Tips for People Who Are Easy to Get Fat

Though don’t eat much, some girls may gain weight easily only by drinking water. If you’re one with this kind of physique, special attention should be paid to your daily diet. Here are some weight loss tips for you!

1.Developing Good Eating Habits
Good eating habits are especially important for slimming. You’d better feed yourself well in the morning, full at noon and less in the evening. If you eat too much at night, the foods will be converted into fat as they can be hardly digested. Therefore, don’t eat anything after 7p.m. If you feel hungry, just take diet pills like lida diet pills, or eat an apple. Apple contains a lot of water and vitamin C that is useful to relieve constipation and quickly excrete the waste from the body.

2. Eating slowly
Feeding speed also determines whether you can lose weight successfully. So if you are the one who gets fat easily, please eat slowly to make the food fully digested or simply take lida daidaihua as supplement. This will help increase satiety and reduce the accumulation of fat.

3. Doing Some Activities after Meals
Activities after dinner are also important. They can not only help promote digestion and gastrointestinal motility, but also help reduce fat accumulation. You can’t really miss this prime chance if you want to lose weight and keep slimming. However, if you feel too tired to do activities everyday, you may take lida slimming pills sometimes as a replacement.

4. No Sweets
Dessert is also a great killer to the failure of weight loss, as it can be easily absorbed and converted into fat. Therefore, please do not eat sweets like ice-cream, especially in the hot summer.

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Foods That Give You Super Satiety

For girls who wants to keep slim, it’s a good choice to take diet pills such as super slim or take some foods that give you super satiety. But what are these foods? Come and have a look!

1. Peanuts
Studies have shown that eating a moderate amount of peanuts can help lose weight. It’s a good way to reduce caloric intake as peanuts can help you increase satiety and take less other foods. However, peanuts have high fat contents, so you’d better not eat too much if you want keep slimming.

2. Mung Bean
Some proteins in mung bean can be resolved to free amino acids, which would be easily absorbed by dieters and release various substances like phosphorus and vitamins. These nutrients can not only help you lose weight, but also help eliminate your constipation problems. It’s really an excellent food for weight loss.

3. Low-fat Yogurt
Yogurt is delicious, but together with super slim pomegranate, it’s more of a diet drink enjoyed by most beauties. Yogurt contains a lot of calcium, which is the important nutrient to speed up fat-burning and reduce weight. In addition, yogurt can be a replacement for other desserts, as it not only satisfies your appetite but also controls your appetite. You just can’t miss such a good choice for weight loss.

4. Chickpeas
Chickpea can not only help you increase muscle, it’s also a good source for nutrients such as fiber, protein, calcium, folic acid, etc. All these nutrients are crucial for slimming. Chickpea is a very healthy low-GI food for weight loss.

5. Whole-wheat Bread
Whole-wheat bread has rich vitamin B. It can help increase metabolism and satiety, similar to the function of super slim diet pills. In addition, it can also help you lower cholesterol. It’s one of the best choices for slimming, particularly as breakfast.

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The ten factors that Why can’t lose weight

The Magic eating time

In the study of the Hebrew University in 2012, scattered in mice fed a high-fat diet than mice eat similar food regularly will add more weight and not benefit to weight loss. The researchers suspect, fixed time, you eat every day the body will burn more calories between meals.

Lack of sleep

People who slept less, then the activity become less the next day, which means that the quantity of heat that use up less. But it gets worse: deprived of sleep time actually reduces the energy consumption when you rest.

Iron deficiency.

Iron will help carry oxygen to the muscles. If you are the body’s iron content is too low, your muscles don’t get enough oxygen, your energy, your metabolism will slow down. Eat more iron fortified cereals, legumes, dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, and broccoli.

Eat too little

When you wish to reduce calorie intake, your body into starvation mode, slow down your metabolic rate, to conserve the “fuel”. Find out how many calories you really need every day.

Sit too long

Sit for 20 minutes in any fixed location will curb your metabolism.

The jet lag

Your body’s biological clock control your part of the cell directly, these cells can keep your metabolism continue to roll forward. But, when you break your so-called circadian – such as across time zones, your cells no longer play its proper role, your metabolism are affected.

Calcium deficiency

Another reason to drink milk: calcium plays a key role in regulating fat metabolism, which determines you are burning calories or to be stored as fat.

Pesticides in agricultural products

In Canada, according to a study of organ chlorine pesticides (chemicals) in pesticides may interfere with your body heat of combustion process, and makes it more difficult for you to lose weight. The researchers found that food toxins such as the largest amount of dieters too abnormal metabolism, harder to lose weight.


All the cells of your body physiological processes including metabolism on water. Researchers at the University of Utah said if you are dehydrated, you will reduce 2% of the calories. Please pay more to mei zi tang and http://www.softgel-meizitang.com//

Don’t eat breakfast

When you skip breakfast, you don’t just in the lunch meeting overeat. In fact, you tell your body to conserve energy, which means that the calories burned more slowly. A study of the American journal of epidemiology, miss a meal, fat may increase 4.5 times.

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Diet for 2 kinds of body type

According to the American Medical Advisor Dr. Sawada pointed out, the body form is the key to create a balanced diet. Depending on the figure you have to have diet can be more effective, to distinguish what kind of body type you have, and then choose your own health methods.

Pear-shaped body

It is often said that pear shape people is difficult to lose weight, in fact, pear-shaped body means lower body is relatively large while upper body is relatively narrow. The fat is mainly accumulated in the hips and thighs, especially for married women, fat at hip and thigh is plaguing them. But from the health aspect, it is more advantageous, because less fat is accumulated in the abdomen, reducing the chance of heart disease and diabetes


Regimen: In the diet, pear-shaped body people can choose complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, beans, chicken, fruits, vegetables, etc. These foods can help excrete excess fat. Breakfast can eat more whole grains such as oatmeal and try to diversify some lunch food, ensure nutritionally balance, whole wheat bread, proper amount of lean beef, vegetables are good choices; dinner, you can eat some chicken at dinner

Snacks for pear shaped: apples, dark chocolate, whole wheat crackers.


Small pepper-shaped body

Dr. Sawada regards that peppers shaped body people has no significant body curves, that is, the width of their hips, waist, shoulders is closer. If they start to gain weight, it is usually more obvious in the waist and abdomen, the fat will mainly store at abdomen, thus increasing the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Regimen: pepper-shaped people should eat fish, olive oil, nuts and lean protein etc. food. For example, at breakfast you can eat foods rich in high quality protein, such as eggs, eat more fiber-rich foods at lunch such as green vegetables; you can prepare some fish or beans at dinner

Snacks for pepper-shaped people: yogurt, raisins, almonds.

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Maintain figure at autumn

Late autumn is coming and due to warm needs, human intake of energy increases, coupled with intense pace of work, a lot of working people neglect exercise, then, “fat” appears again, which allows people who like to eat worry about keeping fit .

In fact, if you are determined to lose weight, approaches are a lot, such as standing at least half an hour after a meal to eliminate fat deposition in the upper stomach, control yourself not to eat before sleep, even when you can not stand hunger, only eat a small amount of boiled vegetables or fruit, if you can take long-term compliance, your body will naturally maintain slim and beautiful

Control the staple food and eat less sweet


Nutritionists believe that the key to lose weight is to reduce fat, but need to combine personal circumstances for specific treatment, for example, some people are have severe abdominal fat accumulation but the limbs are not fat, the what need at this time is to shape the body rather than lose weight. Therefore, the way to lose weight should vary. We should solve problem mainly from diet and exercise

If the original appetite is large, the staple food can be declining, minus 50 grams three meals every day and gradually control the staple at 250-300 grams, wheat, rice and some grains can be used for staple foods but the food intake must be strictly limited, to develop the habit of eating 7/10. far away from foods containing too much starch and very sweet foods such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, lotus root starch, jam, honey, candy, candied fruit, fruit juice dessert. In addition, some fat-contained foods such as peanuts, walnuts, sesame seeds and a variety of animal oil, cream and fried foods should also be controlled.

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